Why Choose Me

The Treatment Process

Our Assessment
I will assess your hand and upper limb condition and take into consideration your home, work and leisure pursuits and any other activities that have an impact on your life. If your’e a Consultant or GP has made any specific recommendations, I will build these into your treatment plan. Together we will work to produce a treatment plan that will manage your condition to maximise results as quickly as possible within acceptable medical boundaries, and will fit in with your lifestyle and work commitments.

Your Treatment
Improvement in your condition will not only be dependent on the underlying hand condition; the treatment that I provide, but will also be dependent on the amount of work and time that you are willing to put in to your treatment plan. Your treatment plan is a partnership between us, not just a service provided by me. The more you put in the quicker your underlying condition will improve. Some conditions will naturally take a longer time to improve due to the underlying physiology, where others will respond quickly to treatment.

All of this will be discussed with you at your initial assessment.

What makes me different?

Affordable and high quality therapy service;
Experienced hand therapist with a wealth knowledge;
No waiting lists;
Convenience home visits are available or at the Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead;
Individual personalised service;
Customised treatment programs.

Please Contact Me to make an initial appointment or if you would prefer to have an initial discussion about your hand condition, call me on telephone +44(0)7580 518971