What is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy is the treatment of injuries or conditions of the hand and upper limb using physical methods such as exercise, massage, mobilization, splinting, ultrasound and wound care. These treatments are performed by an Occupational Therapist or physiotherapist who has undertaken further post graduate training in this specialist field.

Therapists use various exercises and apparatus in their treatment to facilitate healing and promote the best outcome for their patients.

Our services include:

Flexor Tendon Injury

Rheumatoid Disease

Dupuytrens Disease

Carpaltunnel Syndrome

De Quervains Syndrome

Trigger Finger Thumb

The Hand Therapy Practice provides an extensive range of hand therapy and other therapeutic services for patients who have suffered an injury or undergone surgery to their hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder, or have degenerative or congenital hand problems.

Treatment consist of individually tailored management to the patient’s condition, and is thoughtfully and carefully designed to restore function and minimise pain as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the hand problem is part of a condition such as Parkinson`s then the other aspects of the condition can be included in the treatment.

The whole person not just the diagnosis is treated.

The hand is an integral part of who we are, so your hobbies, interests and occupation will also form part of your overall treatment plan and goals. Your treatment plan will be customised specifically for you.

With over 20 years of hand on experience I will help you manage and improve your condition, whatever the underlying cause.

Treatments and Services

Splinting, bespoke and off the shelf splints
Hand assessment
Hand therapy- to increase strength, movement and function
Post-operative management – including wound care
Management of scars – including keloid and hypersensitive scars
Management of swelling/ oedema – hand and upper limb
Medico legal assessment and reports
Functional assessment and rehabilitation for work and leisure activities

Conditions Treated

Hand trauma
Nerve injuries
Tendon injuries
Soft tissue injuries
Pain syndromes
Fingertip injuries

Post Operative Surgical Conditions

Dupuytrens contracture releases
Carpal tunnel release
Tendon repairs and tendon transfers
Wrist surgery
Joint replacements
Paediatiric congenital hand surgery

Other Conditions

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Paediatiric congenital hand conditions