Our Clients Come From All Walks Of Life

Most of us have hands and for this reason anyone of us may require treatment from a hand therapist at some point in our lives. It maybe as a result of your hobby, leisure pursuits, a DIY accident, a fall or your work that your hand requires treatment.

Golfers, footballers, rugby players, dentists, vets, teachers, pilots, cabin crew to name a few, have all received treatment from The Hand Therapy Practice at some point in time.

Hand conditions and injuries can occur at any time in your life, they are not age specific, for this reason all ages can be treated by The Hand Therapy Practice.


Georgia Taylor – Daredevil

Georgia first saw Meryl in November 2012. She was not using her hand and the wrist was bent down. She had hypersensitivity and some symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Georgia had become quite upset about the injury as she was unable to do PE at school and play many of the games she had previously enjoyed. Initially, time was spent doing sensory re-education to encourage her to start using her hand again. Though she was initially resistant, she was given a home programme with exercises and activities to do twice daily. Over the course of 5 weeks Georgia began to use her hand again, was able to extend her fingers and the hypersensitivity had disappeared. Georgia was able to resume PE at school in January 2013.

In February 2013, Georgia underwent further surgery to lengthen the tendons in her wrist and revise her scar. Hand therapy resumed in March and Georgia continued to make solid progress with her movement strength, scar management and function improvement, enabling her to continue with her daredevil activities!


Condition: Extensive burns to upper body and limbs.

“Due to the extensive, intensive use of skin graft surgery to my arm, wrist, hand and fingers following my involvement in a vehicle fire, I have been seeing Meryl for my post-operative and regular rehabilitation hand therapy for just over two years. I would like to say her professionalism and knowledge in scar tissue management and treatment has been extremely reassuring, not only with the care and treatment she is providing, but the support in ensuring my case manager receives up to date, accurate reports on my progress, enabling me to have worry free continuity of care.”

Paul- Delivery Driver


Condition: Osteoarthritis in the carpometacarpal joint (base of the thumb)

“A huge thank-you to Meryl for the relief provided by the teapot splint she made for my left thumb. It has made an enormous difference to me. I am very grateful for the skill and care that she gave in making the splint and the information she provided.”

Amanda- Nurse


Condition: Nerve repair to thumb

“Following cutting a nerve in my thumb I needed surgery followed by intensive hand therapy. Meryl was very patient and understanding not only of my pain but also of the effect the injury was having on my life. I feel her treatment was not just of my thumb, but of me as a person. It took a long time for my nerve to recover but Meryl was always there when I needed her.”

Eleanor- Mother and housewife.


Condition: Severe cut of 2 tendons & a nerve

“Following an accident which damaged 2 tendons and a nerve I needed surgery followed by intensive hand therapy. I had treatment originally on the NHS but was left disabled in my right hand. I then had more surgery to correct this with more intensive hand therapy.”

“Meryl is the most valuable of medical resources – someone who truly understands her work holistically, Meryl’s intensive therapy has helped me recover much of the use of my hand. Her patience and understanding of my trauma followed by her care has allowed me to rebuild my confidence and realise the potential of my hands reduced capability going forward.”

Shelley – Centre Manager


Condition: Injury to hand

“Meryl provided such a high level of care and treatment after my first hand op in 2011 I was keen to secure her skills for my second op.

It took a little bit of effort, but with the overwhelming support and agreement of my new consultant, my search found Meryl again at her new clinic.

It’s hard to describe how specialist experience can make such a difference to a patient and their recovery but, from effortless wound management through to bespoke splint creation and onto targeted exercises and manipulation, Meryl is proof that experience counts.

Meryl is a specialist hand therapist with expert medical skills and a surprisingly good ability to put you at ease throughout your treatment with explanations and ongoing conversation.”

Jon Wright – Company Director